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Here’s My Card

Snrang did a larger version of the card from her Arkham Bound charm necklace for a customer. Gorgeous! Take a look at it on Flickr!


NEW Interview!

Alex Hamby from posted his interview with the creators of The Joker Blogs!

PopSyndicate Interview: The Joker Blogs

Very Interesting…

This is awesome! Found on the good ‘ole internet: – The Joker Blogs

Mr. J Wanted Wallpaper

Hello there people. This is for you all joker’s blog lover out there. enjoy :)

An Interview With JokerBlogs Actor Scott McClure

A new interview from Scott McClure on The Joker Blogs is online. Thanks to Rachel Grubb for putting it together. Enjoy!

Help Teddy Find A Computer

Chatting with Mr. J

Hey clowns!

Me first drawing on our most beloved subject ^^


Really hope you like it!


You may see it also on DA:

Chatting with Mr. J by ~Amphata on deviantART

shh don’t tell…

Umm… hope you like it Mr. Joker…. :) someone told me to put this here 😀 patient 4479 Joker

Art from Danielle Batone

Mr. J was so impressed with this, he wanted it showcased on the site, so here goes.


Shwayblog Likes Us…They Really Really Like Us!

Check out what Schwayblog has to say about The Joker Blogs:

What started out as a simple, single-camera Youtube production has rapidly turned into my favorite series to follow…on any format. The Joker Blogs is a masterfully constructed web series put together by a group of film-savvy batfans COMPLETELY dedicated to the story that all us bat-nerds know and love. Starting up where The Dark Knight left off, this group has created a captivating series chronicaling the Joker’s time in Arkham. Having only glimpsed the main bat-character’s of The Joker, Jeremiah Arkham, Harleen Quinzel (who we still haven’t ACTUALLY ever seen on camera), and Scarecrow (for a single episode), the group has proven that they know how to create so much with so little. Twelve episodes deep and with multiple shorts that coincided with the holidays, The Joker Blogs is currently in the midst of the Joker’s escape from Arkham.

But WAIT!  There’s more! 

Go read for yourself and be sure to leave a comment in support of your favourite clown!  He’d have it no other way!

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